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Plot to Plate


Helping families in Glasgow to eat better


Our Vision

We will work towards a Scotland in which:

  1. More individuals and families eat and live well, feeling in control of their diets and lifestyles through sound knowledge and practice of cooking and growing good food.

  2. More people are engaged in community food activities in their local area, and more people see food as a viable career path for themselves

  3. Schools, community organisations, and other local partners work effectively together and with their service users around the themes of health, cooking, and growing

  4. For Plot to Plate to have expanded across the country with a range of products and services available and accessible.


Helping families

Eating better

Dietitian led nutrition training  and practical cooking 

The Club

Growing, cooking and nutrition

A six week rotational programme. Designed for parents and families to grow, cook and eat together

Nutrition Ambassdors

Enhance and expand

Develop new growing, food and nutrition projects for the service 

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